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Storing and Retrieval of Structured Data on Blockchain with BlockChi and Ethereum

Abstract: BlockChi creates an easy way of storing and retrieving data on the blockchain. It is a technology that solves some of the current limitations of blockchain storage and public blockchain networks that have transaction payload support. It allows parties to author, publish, extend and access data records in a decentralized, immutable and secure manner, supports complex data types, such as structured data and media, supports metadata to allow anonymously, identified or trusted publishing. BlockChi format is compatible with various blockchain networks. Data is presented as a JSON object, encoded in hexadecimal format and contained in the payload of blockchain transaction(s). There is an Ethereum implementation – BlockChiEth, which is a JavaScript class that allows frontend and backend applications (DAPPs) to interact with Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain Software Development Web Technologies

Cryptocurrency Plugin for WordPress

Cryptocurrency All-in-One is a project of mine that that I started in 2016. My idea back then was to help making cryptocurrencies more popular. I liked the whole idea of decentralized currencies and the blockchain technology. But back then cryptocurrencies lacked the high level tools for developers to integrate them easily into real-life projects. I decided to help web developers and start-up owners to adopt Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies by providing a free and simple to use WordPress plugin and that was how Cryptocurrency All-in-One came into existence. I submitted the first version to the repository in August 2016.