Cryptocurrency Plugin for WordPress

Cryptocurrency All-in-One is a project of mine that that I started in 2016. My idea back then was to help making cryptocurrencies more popular. I liked the whole idea of decentralized currencies and the blockchain technology. But back then cryptocurrencies lacked the high level tools for developers to integrate them easily into real-life projects. I […]

VisagiSMile – Dental Software for Digital Smile Design

Abstract: For achieving an optimal esthetic result from a dental treatment we need to create a suitable smile design that creates a perception which fulfills the esthetic expectations of the patient. It is also important that the teeth proportions to be correctly diagnosed and designed before an irreversible restorative dental procedure to be done. Excellent […]

Software Application for Smile Design Automation Using the Visagism Theory

Abstract: The visagism concept in dentistry tries to achieve the most appropriate smile design for every individual patient. The design is based on facial analysis, the patient’s personality and their preferences, and is calculated and visualized as a teeth configuration. The paper presents VisagiSMile — aesthetic dentistry software which automates the theory of dental visagism. […]

Information System for Forecasting the Success of Bulgarian Start-up Companies

Abstract: An Information System (IS) for predicting the success of Bulgarian start-up companies has been designed and developed. The IS is based on a model for success prediction derived from a quantitative research of 137 Bulgarian start-up companies. Entrepreneurs fill in a survey and based on a prediction model the IS estimates the chances of […]