Detailed Model of a Successful Startup

Have you ever wondered which factors make a successful startup stand out? I have prepared a model that lists the factors of importance for the success of young companies.

Entrepreneurial Team

  • Personality and Values
    • Authonomy
    • Confidence
    • Initiative
    • Locus of Control
    • Need for Achievement
    • Risk-taking Propensity
    • Tolerance of Ambiguity
  • Skills and Experience
    • Entrepreneurship Skills
    • Management Skills
    • Marketing Skills
    • Technical Skills
    • Human Resources Skills
    • Investment Skills
    • Start-up Experience
    • Experience in Similar Position
    • Industry Experience
    • General Management Experience
    • Formal Education
    • Field of Education
    • Age of Entrepreneur
    • Entrepreneurial Parents
  • Teamwork
    • Team Completeness
    • Team Knowledge
    • Team Skill
    • Team Attitude

Изследване на успеха на стартиращи компании

Питате ли се, какъв е шансът един стартиращ бизнес да успее?

Попълнете анкетата за стартиращи компании

Business Success or FailКакви качества трябва да притежават предприемачите, за да създадат успешната фирма? Ако знаете кои са слабите места на Вашата компания и кои са най-силните и предимства, дали това ще Ви помогне да успеете в бизнеса?

Articles Entrepreneurship

Overview of Success Prediction Models for New Ventures

Abstract:  An overview of 42 success prediction models for new ventures is presented. Major success factors are identified and a sequence of development of models is analyzed. A successful model pattern is identified containing industry structure, company strategy and interaction of strategy with structure. Alternative success prediction models are presented. A venture creation process and system models are analyzed. A new venture creation process model is proposed and utilized to analyze existing models. Common venture creation barriers and strategies to minimizing their impact on start-up companies are presented. Best practices for designing success prediction models are identified.

Authors: Yankov, B.